Architecture Videos

Here are a few informational videos on Los Angeles and architecture in general. Architecture enthusiasts will find some great gems here.

Moby Talks About Los Angeles Architecture

Recording artists Moby discusses some of the great architectural pieces found in Los Angeles.  Buildings like the Hollywood Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House, and Watt’s Towers.  Moby argues that unlike the great architecture of New York and European cities, L.A.’s architecture is dissimilar from itself and creates a beautiful cacophony.

Brave New World: Architectural Icons (LA)

Architect and TV host, Mina Chow talks about the innovations of both the Bradbury Building and the CAL Trans building.  One of the main features she highlights are the “skip stop” elevators in the CAL Trans building.  She argues that by only stopping about once every three floors, the architecture itself promotes exercise.